Centers around the cycles of life.

I became really inspired after moving up into the mountains of Lake Arrowhead.  It’s at 5,400 feet above sea level in Southern California. The scenery is breathtaking. After watching the change of seasons and all the wildlife around our home, I couldn’t wait to get started. I’m now almost finished.

You will see the passing of one day, from sunrise to sunset and then into night. Each time of day also represents a different season: the growth of spring where everything is anew, the warmth of summer, autumn where we reap the harvest we have sown, to an early winter snowfall where everything is transformed yet again.

I have never done a piece like this before. It’s been incredibly challenging and very rewarding at the same time!

This “Sneak Peek” sample isn’t finished and:

    - Is very low resolution.

    - Doesn’t have it’s nature sounds yet.

    - Will be approximately 10 minutes long when finished.