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“I have received my new ArtStick. It is absolutely incredible. I love it.  Truly amazing and the best thing I have ever purchased. Its on all the time when I am home."


Chrissy Wittebort

“I put the artwork up today, and it is magnificent.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow, the components were of very high quality, and the results are stunning.


The technology you have chosen allows your painting to come alive with the movement of subtle gradations that previous artists (thinking Monet with the cathedral at Rouen, or the series of paintings of a haystack at different seasons; Turner or Whistler with the dawn, day, or night on the Thames) - what they would not have given to be able to set their paintings in motion as you have.


Please excuse these comparisons - I was fortunate indeed to see your work and to be captivated by it.”



George Suter

For centuries there has existed an unoccupied point between painting, dance, music and sculpture, the place between stasis and motion.  Steve Matson’s moving paintings allow us to enter that rarified locale, to be absorbed in the mesmerizing dance of the painted image coming alive, to be immersed in a living environment that challenges the imagination as it moves us through layers of color and form.

The wonders of brilliant koi sinuously slipping through the water, scales flashing; the hypnotic spell of waves crashing on the beach or the ineffable translucence of abstractions drifting in and out of the frame bring a new category of artistic experience into our world.  A new artistic category, occupying a new artistic point, at once enveloping painting,  dance, music and sound.

Monica and Steve!

Thank you so much, It is more gorgeous than I remembered! What a genius you are, Steve!

It was so funny, when we went to the gallery, I saw the title Moving Art, and I walked right by because I thought it wouldn’t be anything I would be interested in…my husband, however, ventured into the show room and was mesmerized. I remember a faint call, “Honey, you might want to come see this.” And when I walked in, I too, was entranced!


It has been our privilege to have your art as part of our lives. And Monica! We are so grateful to you for your quick response! I hope you both have the best holiday season ever!


Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka!

Susan & Duke”