Steve Matson combines his fine art painting background with 25 years working in visual effects for film

These works are created with traditional paints and brushes, combined with cinematography, digital visual effects, digital painting, careful animation, music and sound effects

Each piece takes 6-8 months to create

Moving Painting are limited editions and comes with a signed letter of authenticity

Artworks play at amazing 4K UHD resolution, straight from the ArtStick. Works completely offline, no wifi, no setup. 

Loop all your artwork, or just one, or create a custom playlist. Easily pause on any one image, there are over 14,000 individual images in each piece to pick from.

Your TV is ideal for art as it's located in the most comfortable spot in your home. Transforming that big black rectangle into the perfect place to relax and enjoy Art.

• Works on any size HD, 4K or 8k TV using it’s HDMI port.

• All hardware is included

• All art works are encrypted and safe

• Hand Initialed by Steve

• ArtSticks come with all Moving

Paintings in the collection pre

installed and locked. You can unlock additional pieces with purchase at any time.