Restorative Moving Paintings 

for Healthcare Delight & Calm

For 15 years the Animating ART of Steve Matson have successfully engaged 1000's of individuals in homes & offices to look at paintings in a new way.

These works are created with traditional paints and brushes, combined with cinematography, digital visual effects, meticulous animation, music and sound effects.

Healing Benefits


Ingrained in our genes is an instinctive bond with nature. Because we have spent most of our evolutionary history, 3 million years in nature, we have an innate love for natural settings. We are linked to nature physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Reduce stress, enhances creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing.


Decrease the body's sympathetic response "fight-or-flight" and increases in parasympathetic response—helps the body relax and function normally, the "rest-digest" response. Significantly reduces stress hormones and boost a positive, calm state of mind and positively impact our well-being. Nature sounds have “acoustic camouflage” effect, it helps drowns out a lot of other noises and distractions to help clear our minds of anxieties and other pressing concerns.


Our brains are naturally wired to respond to motion and change as it was crucial for survival. Viewing the Moving Art is mesmerizing and trance inducing. Our brain begins to shift out of beta brainwave state - thinking and alertness, and into an alpha state, a relaxed and creative state of mind.


Not knowing what’s coming next arouses curiosity and pulls you in. You are focused and present.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez says, “Anticipation can be the key driving force in motivating yourself to get through life as you look forward to something that gives you a sense of optimism toward the future. It boosts your mood and lowers your stress. Makes us feel better in the current moment.”


Awe is a transcendent emotion. When you are truly engaged by what you are seeing, you feel small. It's a way to find your place in the world and by doing so, feel more connected. Supported by discoveries in psychology and neuroscience. 

Experiencing awe plays an important role in attention restoration, offering us an opportunity to rest our focused attention as involuntary attention takes its place. It engages the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us relax, as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system — in charge of “fight or flight” responses and releasing adrenaline and cortisol.


“As the Director of Geriatric Fracture Care at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center I have throughout my career read many articles and papers stating that visualization along with soothing natural sounds aid in decreasing blood pressure, stress, illnesses, and anxiety. 

In my opinion when a patient views a Moving Painting during chemotherapy or dialysis the patient is more relaxed and they get to a different place, it is possible for them to experience less pain which in turn would require less medication. These Moving Paintings are therapeutic and I have confidence they offer the best quality to a patients complete treatment plan. 

In closing, Not only does Steve Matson bring his paintings to life but I feel he brings life to my patients.”

— Anthony J. Balsamo MD    

Director of Geriatric Fracture Care 


Restorative Moving Paintings

Tropical Horizons

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Day at the Beach

Window to Paradise

Call of Nature