This is a short demo version, the full version is 10 minutes.

Worlds first Moving Painting Collaboration!

• Six months in the making. 

• Begins at sunrise, moves through the day to night over 10 minutes then continuously loops. 

•14,000 images, (24 per second) that you can pause at any point to have a different artwork.

"I never imagined one of my paintings alive with such feeling and motion like this. I am so overjoyed with the result and so honored to be part of Steve's World. So excited to share this collaboration with our collectors."

Ronaldo Macedo

You can see Ronaldo’s amazing work here:

“I’ve been a big fan of Ronaldo’s work for many years. He’s one of the most talented Plein-Air Painters the Islands have ever produced.

His paintings have so much life and movement. When I saw “Tropical Horizons” I just loved it and thought it would be mesmerizing to see it come to life. Ronaldo beautifully captured a magical moment in Lahaina, you just want to be there.

It’s a real honor and privilege to work on this historic collaboration with him.” 

Steve Matson