This is a short demo, final piece is over 10 minutes

I’ve been developing ideas inspired by the beauty and mystery of the Southwest for many years. But it wasn’t until a Hawk persistently spent time around our house that I became aware of their relation to us. Our southwest is adorned with a living history that speaks of the sacred connection between people, land, water and wildlife since time immemorial. It’s this connection that I want to convey.

Outside my studio window

Hawks can soar to great heights while still keeping an eye on the ground, bringing us the message of freeing ourselves from thoughts and beliefs that are limiting our ability to soar above our life and gaining a higher perspective - a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow us to flourish.

Now that the piece is complete, looking back, I can see that this really was a time of self reflection for me. A desire and an openness to see things from a wider perspective. A time of growth.

Messenger is a tribute to the magnificence of the Southwest landscape, wildlife and people.

Music by internationally-renowned artist and composer Steve Roach

The Soundworlds of Steve Roach